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Who is this for?

Our service is directed towards small and medium houses, apartments, flats, condos, cottages, gardens, to people who seeks for change, for new ambient, for renovation ideas and solutions.

For example, we can make you a design and visualization of whole apartment, of one room, or even one corner of a room. Same goes with exteriors, gardens, even dog house, or something other you want to design and visualize.

We offer you a possibility to recreate your vision. We create models according to your ideas, suggest you advice's, or do a complete design for you. This way you are getting impressive presentation material, realistic vision of your plans and goals, and easier decision making. 



You send us the information's of the project in the form of CAD/BIM drawings, copies, or even hand drawings with the exact dimensions


Recreation of an idea based on your comments, suggestions and examples 

We exchange detail

information's and requests and settle a final goals

Defining agreements


Production of a 3D model

Preliminary render/images

Consultation about corrections


Approval of test images

Final corrections and post processing

High resolution images

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